Price drop

Bad Mojo Blues is now $1.99, or free if you’ve got that Kindle Unlimited. This works out to about 70¢ to me per sale. If you and a few thousand of your friends want to buy it, feel free.


I’ve got book 2 finished and waiting for my team to get their input back to me. My friend, who swore it would take him a few months, got it back to me in less than four weeks. The others I’ve sent it to haven’t even gotten back to me. This was my main inspiration for offering editing services to indie writers. Beta-readers are great, but they’re volunteers and free can lead to output exactly what you’ve paid for. Don’t get me wrong, I love my steady beta-readers, they are awesome, but they have lives and I can’t expect them to drop paying gigs for

Book is less than $2 check it out. Also doing editing now.

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  1. When I beta-read I am generally given a time-limit for when I need to finish reading the story. I find that makes the job easier for me because I sometimes (often) procrastinate.

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