The Walking Dead

Many times I’ve attempted to watch & read The Walking Dead. My first exposure to it was the comics, but I didn’t keep up with it. When I heard the show was coming out I watched most of the first season before I was distracted with other things. I didn’t think about it much, but a trip to the hospital on a day where the only thing worth watching in the waiting room was a marathon of seasons 1-3, I decided to give it another shot.

It didn’t last long.

I do not like The Walking Dead. Mostly the show, but also the comic.

My main issue comes in the form of the main character, Rick Grimes. In the show he is the catalyst to screw everything up for the group. He attracts the horde in the city, he leads them to the building, the car they use as a distraction leads the zombies to the campsite, and the survivors that could have helped in the attack were with him in the city when it happened.

It annoyed me how the relationship was handled between Shane and Lori. They went through a lot together, everyone thought Rick was dead, and yet they just hide it all and cause a bunch of trouble. Sure, Lori was written as a useless character, but Shane was the one who held everything together until Rick got there. If Shane respected Rick so much, which apparently he does because he just hands control of the group over to him even though Rick has no idea how to survive in the world, he would have taken Rick somewhere away from the others and told him what happened.
“Hey. I tried to get your out of the hospital, but I couldn’t. We all thought you were dead. I did my best to keep your family alive, and well, while doing that something happened between me and Lori.”

But where’s the drama if that’s addressed? There’s still plenty of drama. Shane’s confession could tear Lori and Rick apart, since they were already on the outs it isn’t a that hard to do, and the tension between the three of them would drive things. Rick confronts Lori, Lori confronts Shane, Carl hears it all and runs off. Shane and Rick go after him while Lori has one of her legendary useless stretches. Shane finds Carl and brings him back, not before taking out a couple of walkers, and Rick forgives him. Lori has to decide if she wants to patch it up with Rick, since things before were on the outs, or if she wants to pursue things with Shane without hiding it.

Character development! Relationships! Emotional investment! And that’s not even the mid-season finale of season one.

Season two… everyone knows it sucked. The show just dragged, the budget was slashed, and the entire run could have been cut to four episodes without losing much. Shane going crazy, the drawn-out search for Sofia, and bad writing all around made it a chore to watch.

Season three. First issue, Rick tosses out the dog food. Dude. It’s canned dog food. Put that in a pot with some water, butcher up the owl from upstairs and you’ve got some hearty soup. The main ingredient in most dog food is corn. You just ruined a meal that everyone could have eaten. Second issue, Andrea. After they killed Lori off, which they tried to make important by writing her decent for half an episode, they needed someone else to be dangerously stupid. I don’t blame the actress, I blame the writers and the directors. Actors and actresses can only do so much with what they are given. The Governor was pointlessly insane, but I felt that about the comic too.

I stopped watching at this point. They cleared out the prison, the Governor was setup as the bad guy, and I just didn’t care. It lost it’s appeal after slogging through season two and watching season one slowly circle the drain.

There, I’ve said it. I don’t like AMC The Walking Dead. I don’t intend on watching it. The game was cool, like a ‘choose your own adventure’ without any real point to the choices, but cool and I look forward to the third installment. I will check out the spin-off TV series in hopes that it doesn’t fall to the same junk the original did. It can’t be any worse than Z-Nation. What a piece of crap that is.


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  1. I agree and disagree on certain things. I never really liked Rick and felt like Lori was a useless character. However, I find myself hating Carl’s character more than the two of them combined. I can’t stand him, but think part of that is the actor not portraying the part well. I feel no attachment to him whatsoever. The only one I really feel for is Daryl. Since his first appearance, he has been my favorite and probably the only reason I continue to watch the show. His connection with carol was the only relationship that has felt genuine to me, until he had to look out for Beth and the two of them became just as close. Even the relationship between Maggie & Glenn (who I like well enough) doesn’t seem…. what’s the word I’m looking for?… real? I just don’t buy their “romance”, there is no real chemistry, it feels forced. I don’t like Michonne… I like the idea of her, but not the actress. Tyreese is like a big giant teddy bear and I would probably cry if something happens to him, but his sister Sasha is just another side character to me in a long list of people I don’t give a crap about. I would probably be sad for him, though. And now, this rag tag group on a mission to get Eugene to safety is just stupid. They are running out of ideas, I think. Which is a shame, because the possibilities are literally endless. The crap they are coming up with is laughable. BUT, I continue to watch the show anyway. Honestly, there isn’t much of anything worth watching these days. I pray for the next Joss Whedon series.

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