Inspiration From Life

There are times when perfect lines for a story pop up in daily life. Rarely, do they fit what I’m working on, but I like to take note of them for later use. Today another one dropped in my lap.

The first line that I thought was worth keeping was when I was a teenager. I wasn’t sleeping well, and would often wake up multiple times a night. This was great for remembering dreams, but not so good for getting rest. The dream sticks with me to this day:
I was walking in a field on a bright autumn day. A few fluffy clouds dotted the sky. As I walked I looked up and spoke.
“God, what’s the meaning of life?”
To my surprise, God answered.
“Well, Scott, that’s simple. Bananas, socks, and underwear.”
I looked up at the clouds with my mouth agape. “Really?”

I woke up and for about thirty seconds I was secure in the fact that I knew the meaning of life. Not sure how I’m going to fit that into a story ever, but I like it. This was also around the time that I’d occasionally sleep walk and had myself convinced for a few hours that I could fly.

The second line happened a few years later while I was in college. I had taken a graded gym class to make myself get healthier. One day while we were running the track one of my classmates said:
“My kidneys can’t tell the different between cheap beer and whiskey.”

It sounded like a line out of a pulp detective novel. I’ve used it a couple of times in short stories. Someone once pointed out to me that it didn’t make sense, but I love it.

The third line, the one that happened today, is one of those that I’m not sure where it will go. I’ve been slowly reading John Dies at the End, so when this popped into my head my mind went somewhere weird. The line:
My hands smell like gasoline. I didn’t get gas today.

For those of you unfamiliar with John Dies at the End, it’s this trippy story where lost time and strange things are pretty normal. I’m about 270 pages into it and I’ve been working on reading it a little at a time. It’s on my Kindle and save that for waiting rooms.

That’s all for now. A few good lines. Not sure what I’ll use them for.


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