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First things first, the animation is beautiful. Everything is smooth, the world looks like it belongs, and I don’t think I’ve seen an animated movie this well done. The voice acting is nicely done and the singing isn’t half-bad.

That being said, what is wrong with this movie?
“Let’s a make a musical, but instead of writing new songs, let’s just get licensed stuff and get it to fit into the plot.”

This looks like Epic, remember that movie? No, I’ve seen it and I barely do. This looks a lot like Epic, fairies, pixies, and a ‘dark forest’. The good thing being that it doesn’t have that horrible snail & slug comic relief. I feel like someone should strip the audio & edit this to be something else. It’s great to watch, the visuals are stunning, but it is a mess.

Three different screenplay writers with the story coming from George Lucas. It says he supervised the choice of the songs. From the other movies that the three other writers have worked on it looks like a mish-mash that wouldn’t make for a kids movie. Lion King (1, 2, 1 1/2) Brave, Saving Private Ryan, and a few others that just don’t add up.

It’s not horrible. Compared to Epic, it actually has a story that makes sense and the voice acting is levels above. This feels like those B-Movie rip-offs of Blockbusters, but this was done from a mediocre movie and with a bigger budget. The movie really isn’t that bad, but it didn’t need the music, or half as much ‘comedic relief’, it’s just trying too hard.

The main problem being that pacing it off, and the middle of the movie drags. I don’t see the target audience. There’s not enough happening to keep kids invested, but there’s not enough depth to keep older viewers engaged. Watching this just makes me want to get some editing software and cut about ten minutes from the run time.

Put it on for my kids. They love it.

EDIT the 2nd:
Kids have now watched this movie at least 4 times today. It’s actually pretty good after the second time through.


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