I need a new doctor

I’ve got a decent doctor. But…

He’s usually a good half an hour late to an appointment, doesn’t always remember what we’ve talked about, and his bedside manner sucks.

I’ve got an interesting case of Spinal Bifida Occulta, which I’ve never really had looked at. It’s just a weird looking scar on my back that people always stare at. Over the past few months I’ve had some odd feelings in my lower back. Now, since this isn’t something I can equate to anyone it’s hard to describe. Hey, you know that scar you have on your back? Does it ever tingle, or feel like it’s being touched when it isn’t? Oh, wait, you don’t have that. When that patch of back starts to feel weird, do you ever notice numbness in your extremities? Oh, yeah, you don’t have that.

I mentioned these things to my doctor and he got rather annoyed that I couldn’t quantify exactly what I was feeling. It feels weird and sometimes the bottom of my left foot goes numb. His response?

What does that have to do with anything?

I DON’T KNOW. As far as I know, people with this type of thing aren’t a dime a dozen, so there is precious little information. I’m not even sure if Spinal Bifida Occulta is the right term. I’ve got this ‘back button’ -like a belly button on my back- that’s a raw nerve and it feels weird.

Tomorrow I have an MRI. The first real look at this spine thing, that I can recall. I’m nervous, a little scared, and annoyed I haven’t done this sooner. I’m really hoping this is all in my head. They’ll do the scan, tell me it looks fine, and I’ll quietly switch to a different GP after the appointment. That’s what’s going to happen.


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