Ghostbusters 2016

I grew up with the original movies, the cartoon, and the EXTREME cartoon. It is part of my childhood.

The 2016 version was good. It was a reboot and a current take on the idea. The problem was that it could have been so much better. It could be fixed rather simply too.

  1. Not a reboot
    It should have been a sequel. Ghostbusters 2 shows that even a short time after the first people have forgotten the Ghostbusters and think they are a hoax. It’s been twenty-seven years. Ghostbusters wouldn’t even been a joke, no one would care. If they are lucky they would be some sort of meme.
  2. It’s been quiet
    Since 1989 ghosts have been scarce. Anyone who claims to have seen a ghost isn’t thought of more than a person yelling at pigeons for stealing their shoes.
  3. Keep the Plot
    The main characters are still the same. Years ago they put out a book, it’s regained popularity, and all that. Same plot points.
  4. Cameos
    The old cast showing up makes sense now. Have one of them buy Ecto One from a haggard Venkman. Ray has turned the old station into a failed Ghostbusters museum. Winston could still be the uncle, but now it’s actually Winston. They could have a nice little memorial for Egon too. Something tasteful, like his framed uniform with a plaque under it. The old crew is too old to get back in on the action when ghosts come back, but maybe have Ray geek out over the proton-packs.
  5. That’s It
    Not that hard. A few steps to acknowledge the movies before without it just being nods. Ghostbusters 2016 would be part of the series instead of a reboot. The foundation laid down by the previous movies is still intact and could even show up in some way in the future.



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